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5 GIANT Reasons Why You Should Take The Passion Test

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We face distractions – shallow and unnoticeable matters – everyday. It makes me wonder how much distractions impact our lives.

We see it happen in almost all areas of our life. The need to stay online to check our friends’ Facebook page takes away the time we spend with the people right in front of us. Our tendency to pursue a glamorous career distracts us from sharing our talents to benefit our community. The urge to focus on the material things pulls us away from opportunities to accomplish the greater good.

Oftentimes, we miss the opportunity to put our attention to what is most significant. We forget to regularly assess our lives.

We stop asking the most important questions,

“What do I really want?” and “What is really important in my life.”

I know how it is to be distracted – going with the flow and being on autopilot – everyday. I still struggle but the Passion Test has helped me identify and focus on the most important things in my life. It transformed my life in a very unexpected way.

The Passion Test helped me:

1. Gain clarity

I learned that it is the first and most important step in creating anything I want to achieve in life. The moment I discovered and embraced my top passion, everything I need started coming in my life.

2. Intentionally claim abundance

I saw how magic happens when I consciously state what I want in life. The Passion Test made me appreciate the value of positive mindset. Whenever I wake up, I envision how the day will turn out. Attracting things became easier.

3. Align my actions to my passions

It is important to pay attention to signs. I started grabbing every opportunity which leads me to fully living my passions. The Passion Test motivated me to move towards the direction of pursuing the most significant things in my life. I consistently align all my decisions and actions with my passions.

4. Never conform

I realized that the only way to love myself is to be true to myself. The Passion Test inspired me to set aside my shoulds and focus on my strengths. It freed me from my false belief of acting based on other people’s expectations.

5. Truly live my passion

Nothing is more fulfilling than living each day with the burning passion inside me. It keeps me going even during the deep in the dump moments. It fires me up every single day.

It is your choice to make your passions bigger than the distractions around you.

What do you really want?


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