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6 Signs That You Have Found The One

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“Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life” – Confucius

Most people search for the ultimate happiness – the overwhelming feeling that life is good and you can’t help but smile. Happiness is dependent on several aspects of our lives. The big chunk goes to the work we do. When we find the work we’re passionate about, joy and excitement comes naturally.

Finding work we love is not always easy. It is so much like falling in love. You may feel an array of emotions – from excitement to sometimes frustration. Here are some signs that you have found the one.

1. You lose track of time.

There never seems like there are enough hours in the day, but you still feel a sense of accomplishment. You’re in the flow, baby. You accomplish one task after another without noticing that time has flown. You’re too busy making things happen to the point that you find yourself unstoppable.

2. You don’t think about just surviving the day.

You don’t feel a slight itch of hoping the day is over. You focus on winning and achieving things. You worry about the quality and timeliness of executing tasks assigned to you. Mediocre work is what you hate the most. You don’t let a single moment pass without giving your best shot.

3. You talk about your work when meeting new people.

Literally, you eat and breathe what you do. You can’t help but share what you do to others. When asked about what you are up to, you answer with confidence. You feel comfortable discussing the details of your work. During conversations, you try to see if the person you are talking to shares the same interests, views, and goals. You find joy in spending time with people who understands your vision.

4. You radiate positive aura.

People around you notice how different you are. They can’t explain it. They just keep on telling you how you glow and that you are more beautiful. Doing what you are passionate about brings happiness. This happiness is contagious. You may not be conscious about it, but others can spot easily.

5. You don’t look forward to weekends.

You can no longer draw the line between work and play. Everyday feels like a weekend. Sometimes, you panic because you don’t know what day it is. Work doesn’t feel like work anymore. It is something that you really enjoy doing that you happen to get paid to do. You may realize that it is something that you can even do for free.

6. You are extremely grateful.

When you go to bed at night, you close your eyes and you feel a sense of fulfillment. This fulfillment comes from the joy of having the privilege to do what you do. You appreciate everything about it, even the not-so-good things. The feeling is overflowing that you wish everyone experiences the same. You wake up in the morning, you look forward to working and creating an impact again. Then, you look forward to tomorrow. Then, the day after tomorrow. Then, the day after that. The cycle goes on.

So did you find the one?



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