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Know The Ugly Side Of Your Work

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What is next for you?

The career-related question I love asking people. It seems easy to answer, but whenever I throw this question to someone, I always get an indirect, unsure and almost absurd answer.

What an extremely tough thing to figure out: what to do with your future!

At any point in life, you might ask yourself, “What is my next move?” The next steps to take in your career are not always clear. In order to answer the question, you have to know what you really want to do. Most people don’t know the answer to this question.

You may find a lot of self-help books or good resources online on how to know what you want, but here’s what I’d say:

In order for you to know what you want, you must realize first what you don’t want.

Identify the things that make you unhappy about your career, then evaluate if you still want to go on with the kind of work that you have. Evaluation should include all aspects of your work – growth, environment, colleagues, supervisors, culture, compensation and benefits, etc.

It’s important that you are aware of what you hate about your job, because when you decide to leave your work, you can honestly tell yourself that you know exactly what you are walking away from.

What are the things that you dislike about your job? Is it still worth it to stay?



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One Reason Why You’d Never Quit Your Job

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You would love to quit your job and pursue something more meaningful. You really would. You are just waiting for that one thing that will push you to do an almost-out-of-this-world-move.

The one thing, that will make you feel comfortable about the leap.

The one thing, that you want more than anything else… but, you could never have.

Take a deep breath.



We all want to feel secured and be in control! Of course, better be sure than sorry, right?

If you quit your job to work on a start-up business, there is no guarantee that you will gain profit in a year.

If you shift careers, there is no guarantee that you will do well in the new career as much as you did in your old career.

If you leave your desk to go on a sabbatical leave and travel the world, there is no guarantee that you’d still want to go back and work… or if you can still have the job back.

Think about how we live in an uncertain world:

Relationships may or may not last

Businesses may or may not prosper

Stocks may or may not drop


Okay, don’t think about it too much. You might go insane.

I know you want to be sure about the next right move before you say goodbye to your 6-figure-salary.

The thing is, there will never be a guarantee and you have to start acknowledging it.

I’m not recommending you to quit work right away but you have to stop looking for a guarantee.

Come up with a plan, prepare your war chest, surround yourself with like-minded people, look for mentors and read helpful resources.

Just move because waiting for a guarantee is a dead end.

What will you do today to be one step closer to your dream job?




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The Blah Blahs You Hear Once You Quit Your Job

in Quit Your Job

When you decide to quit your job, it’s important that you ask yourself why you want to leave the corporate world. A lot of times, we don’t realize that we make decisions to live up to other people’s expectations. We think too much about our parents, peers, colleagues and bosses.

For heaven’s sake, do yourself a favor and decide because you want to do it for yourself.

Deciding to tender your resignation doesn’t happen overnight. The goal is to find out if you are completely, wholeheartedly and 100% ready to say yes to it. No more dilly dally! When that happens, the rest will be easy and the things that you will hear from other people wouldn’t and shouldn’t matter.

I made a list of the remarks I heard from people after I dropped the bomb of leaving the corporate world. Take note, I quoted them verbatim.

1. “I always saw you as a long-term employee.”

Was that a compliment or not? I did not ask. I wondered if there is a big sign on my forehead that says “Employee Forever”. Honestly, after college, I thought I wanted to pursue the corporate ladder, but everything changed when I realized what I really want to do. There is nothing wrong with changing plans especially if you do it to be more true to yourself.

2. “You were a good soldier.”

This came from a dear friend. He said that he couldn’t imagine my previous team without me. According to him, I was a workhorse and a performer. Don’t be deceived. It was a friend’s opinion! But seriously, I owe my work ethics, drive, and discipline to the corporate world. It made me a “good soldier”, but I wanted to be more than just a soldier. I wanted to be a general who leads armies.

3. “You don’t even know what’s out there.”

Exactly. I wanted to find out. I did not wish to get stuck in my cubicle daydreaming about the adventures waiting for me outside. It scared the hell out of me, especially that I was aware of the limitations of my knowledge and skills. I entered a whole new world to unlearn some of the old corporate stuff and learn new real life lessons. There is so much to learn and experience outside the corners of my cubicle.

4. “You are throwing away a very good opportunity.”

This was a killer! It was the hardest to take. When you are put in a job where you love the people around you and you’re okay with the work, most likely you’d feel torn about leaving. Again, self-inquiry is important. Ask if the corporate path is the journey you want to embark on. If not, be grateful for the opportunity then walk away.

5. “You gave up too easily.”

Hands up! Some people thought that I found the job too demanding. They blamed my young and rebel heart from resisting the corporate world. For the record, I did not feel the need to explain and defend my decision to leave. I have my reasons. During my last week in the company, I asked myself one last time if it was really what I wanted. In silence, I found the same answer. Before I completely let go of my job, I was fully aware of what I was about to let go and turn away from.

Conscious about what other people are going to say?

It shouldn’t matter.


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