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Are you stuck?

Going with the flow?

Do you extremely hate your job?

Dead tired of the meaningless life?

If yes, do you have plans of staying where you are?


I can’t hear you! Louder!


There you go! I know how frustrating it is to want change in your life, but you don’t know where to start.

I believe that the first step is to answer this question:


It’s one of the simplest questions in the planet, but for some people it is the hardest to answer. Yup, you’re right some people don’t know what they truly want.

If you are looking for answers, let me invite you to take The Passion Test®.

Hold it right there! It’s not what you think. This is the only test that you will never fail. You know why? Because it is about you and things you value the most.


The Passion Test® is a powerful tool that will help you identify your passions using a direct and simple process. Clarity is most important in creating anything you want in life. It’s time to get real and start living your passions!

WHY TAKEAre you curious about what is in store for you if you take The Passion Test®?

Brace yourself and keep on reading!

You will find out exactly what will make you happy.

You will learn how to use The Passion Test to clarify the things that are most important to you.

You will understand how to consistently live your passions.

You will gain powerful tools that will help you stay on track especially when you’re faced with challenges and obstacles.

You will discover the secret to achieve abundance in all areas of your life.

Still not convinced? Read about the 5 GIANT Reasons Why You Should Take The Passion Test.

HOW TAKEFind the session that is right for you!


Or watch out for the upcoming workshops!


“The Passion Test is a must to everyone. We deserve to be passionate in what we do and feel satisfied everyday. This is a start to not hate Mondays. “– Kat Sampher, Singer/Artist

“The first step is always the hardest. The Passion test reminded me that I just have to believe I can do it.” – Angelica Montefalcon, Banker

“I feel inspired again to reach for my dreams.” – Alice Sarol, Pharmacist

“The Passion Test is a really fun experience and fun way of knowing your priorities and what you want to do in life.” – Sharon Yu, Banker

“It is a fun way to learn about your passion in life. I love how informal and interactive it is.” – Lanna Olegario, Businesswoman

“It’s very fulfilling! I recommend this Passion Test workshop to everyone. “– Elaine Rojas, IT Professional

“The session reminded me of what or who I really want to be. It will be a constant reminder for me to pursue my passions – without ifs or buts.” – Kate Mateo, Banker

“This gave me something to think about and live fully with the things I want to do.” – Ge Pira, IT Professional

“I highly recommend the Passion Test to everyone who wants clarity and direction in their life. This is very inspiring. Thank you for making me empowered to never let go of my passions in life.” – Hace Herrero, Banker

“The Passion Test reminded me that being afraid would get you nowhere. You have to be brave enough to do what you want and get where you want to be.” – Em Llanes, Banker