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Whoever tells you to jump off the plane should be willing to give you a parachute and jump with you. That is exactly what we want to do!

Skydive? Well, we’d love to! That’s in everyone’s bucket list.

But, no. I know you have one thing in your bucket list that you are giving less attention to. It is to wake up every single day feeling fired up because you can’t contain your excitement to do what you really love.

I believe that you should pursue your passions, which requires taking action! It starts with acknowledging your potential, using your gifts then, sharing your wonders to the world.

Wait! Wouldn’t it be nice if you earn thru doing your passions too? Heck yeah!

What is Ignite?

It is a collaboration project!

Ignite Formula

Do you feel that you are never meant to work in the corporate world?

Are you confused about what you really want or where you are really good at?

Have you been thinking of quitting your job but you have no idea what you’ll do after you resign?

Have you been planning about turning passion into a business but you don’t have the courage to do so?

If yes, then Ignite is for you!

You deserve to live a happy life, but you have to take the first step. You have to be clear on what you want.

Clarity is the most important in creating anything you want in life. Let me help you thru The Passion Test. I was blown away by how it changed my life. I want you to experience that too! It may not be easy, but I promise it’s simple. Click this if you want to know more about The Passion Test.

Once you know what you are passionate about, then, you have to decide if you want to monetize your passions. This is when one or two passion advocates share the success formula in turning their passions into profit.

Who are my partners?

Expect to hear from ultra passionate people as they share their passion journey. Guest speakers will address the questions that most people ask:

How to know if it is time to quit my job or shift from one field to another?

How to assess if the business idea has a potential?

How to have the right money mindset to make the business prosper?

How to create opportunities that will generate income?

Invited guests come from different industries such as food, art, health, speaking, online business and a lot more!

Are you excited? Watch out for the next run!


Sorry, this is not a quick escape plan to your corporate slavery or shortcut to your dream business empire. I won’t ask you to sign your resignation letter and leave your job or invest millions of peso on a business venture right after you take the workshop. This workshop will equip you with powerful tools that will help you prepare for the leap!

It will make you move into action, take risks and embrace growth, but don’t take my word for it. Know what past participants have to say about the workshop:

“Really great workshop! It will really encourage you to start acting right away!” – Gerard Sto. Tomas

“Attending this workshop gives me hope that I can go after what genuinely makes me happy, despite hesitations and fears. Others were able to do it, I can too!” – Crisha Lagura

“This is a great way to look and dig deeper in oneself and realize that you are talented and worth it.” – Angeli Sarmiento

“Empowering. Makes me realize what I really want to pursue in the long run.” – Chelsea Dauz

“If you wanna remember what excites you, take this seminar!” – Ben Kalaw

Take a peek at previous workshops

KC Boter + Ella Lama

Ella Lama is an artist.

Last October 2015, Ella shared how her brand stood out in a highly saturated world of typography and how she gained profit from doing her passion. She talked about her journey for the first time! She shared the road from diving into a highly saturated industry with just a pen and a lot of perseverance, to creating hundreds of artwork and designing for brands, and to being featured as an artist in different media channels.

Read more about her passion journey here.

Ignite is OUR collaboration.

Who are we? We are advocates of passion!

Together, let’s ignite! Spark the fire within you.

spark the fire within